At the time of admission, a Member shall be a graduate of an Engineering Curriculum accredited by the Government of Pakistan and approved by Board of Governors or CWC of Chapter / Sub-Chapter and a minimum work experience of two years for enrolment as a member.


A Student ,at time of application for Membership into the Society, shall be attending an Engineering / Architecture Curriculum accredited by the Government of Pakistan and / or approved by the board of Governors / CWC.


This grade is no longer applicable for new applicants. Existing Life Members will continue to receive service subject to their making the Annual Sustenance Fee Payment. This Sustenance Fee will be collected by the concerned Chapter / Sub-Chapter for three years at a time.


The Society may, at it’s discretion, induct a Person of Eminence, or, a Person of Outstanding Professional Distinction, who is not a Member of the Society, and, whose Membership of the Society will add value to the Society, as an Honorary Member. A request for grant of Honorary Member should be initiated by a Chapter / Sub-Chapter President, and, forwarded to the Secretary at Headquarters through the Regional Director. The Secretary at Headquarters shall introduce this as an Agenda Item in the BOG Meeting where it will have to be considered and approved. Once the proposal is approved by the BOG, the Chapter President who had initiated the proposal shall inform the Person concerned and fix a suitable date when the Honorary Membership could be conferred upon him. It would be preferable if the date were to coincide with some other important event so that there is a wider participation of Membership.

The Person being conferred the Honorary Membership shall be presented with a Certificate which shall be signed by the President and Executive Council Members Pakistan HVACR Society.