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The criteria and procedure of individual awards is laid down. 

1.         Life Time Achievements Award


    a.   Criteria for Nomination

i.He shall be senior and good order member of Pakistan HVACR Society.

ii.During Association with the Society, he has been active and instrumental for the promotion of cause of Society at domestic front and at international forums.

iii.This award will go to a person who has rendered some extra ordinary services of 25 years to the profession, industry, trade or Pakistan HVACR Society towards attaining its objectives.

iv.He may have significant and substantial contribution in running the affairs of Society at any of the following forums.

  • Executive Council
  • Advisory Council
  • Local Council / Organizing Committee
  • Working Committees

v.Any marvelous achievements at his credit on academic front or in practical field such as research carried out or introducing new and innovative technology but surely not previously printed, written or read out anywhere.

vi.He shall be possessing exceptional leadership in HVACR Profession, Industry, and trade.

vii.The Award will be given for continuing unselfish, dedicated and distinguished service to the Society.




b.         Methodology and Procedural Outline for Nomination     

1.One Award per year will be given on the eve of Expo & Conference.

2.Two nominations would be received from each region.

3.Hony. General Secretary will seek nominations on attached Nomination Form before Expo & Conference.

4.All good order members of Pakistan HVACR Society are eligible for nomination but only members of following bodies can nominate: 

  • Executive Council
  • Advisory Council
    • Three Local Councils

                       5.    The Hony. General Secretary will receive nominations along with biographical

informations / record of the proposed recipient of award and will scrutinize nominations.

6.Final list of nominees will be complied by the Hony. General Secretary on the basis of in order forms and list forwarded to the Life Time Achievement Award Committee for final recommendation to the Executive   Council for formal approval of one single receiptant of award. .

                 7.    Life Time Achievement Award Committee will be constituted as per below

                        narrated procedure

a.Committee will comprise of 7 members headed by the Society President.

b.Other 6 members would equally represent the regional Executive & Local Council with their mutual consent. (one regional EC and one LC member)

c.Nomination will be finalized with majority vote and President would only cast his vote incase of tie.

d.The Committee will submit its recommendation to the Executive Council for formal approval.

e.The selection & decision of the Life Time Achievement Award Committee will be final & binding on all Society Members and not challengeable any where.

8.Life Time Achievement Award Committee will be constituted on yearly basis and will cease to act once the award is given.

9.The Members of the Life Time Achievement Award Committee would disqualify themselves for being eligible for the award.

10.The Awards may be got sponsored

11.The Award will be medal /plaque and a certificate. 

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